Borda the Black

Defel Ship Broker


Borda looks more or less exactly like a humanoid shadow, which is only further pronounced when he is in rooms with dim light. He uses this to great effect, keeping all the areas he frequents dim and shadowy. His glowing red eyes seem only to add to the effect.


Borda is a ship broker working out of a casino on the Wheel. A Defel with a shady past, Borda has Kain over a barrel, thanks to cutting him an incredible deal on the Buzzard. His deal is very obviously favoring Kain always being in debt to him.

He’s obviously the leaders of a smuggling ring, and ropes people into working for him by cutting them huge deals on ships and then drawing out the contract of the ‘loan’ as long as he can. Things like 95-100% interest, unreasonable monthly payments, and offers to do side jobs as a means of pulling down the debt mean that pilots who buy from him are on the hook a while.

Borda the Black

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