The Buzzard's Flight

Jewel of Yavin: Part I

- Asked around about all 7 of the bidders
- Kain has asked about some of the bidders and casing for the heist
- Speeder was purchased and Le-0n and Sesta’Atin have begun working on it
- Eijax can look into one individual/day. He looked into Shreya day 1.
- Stay at the Yarith Bespin, nicest suite. Extends our Day 1 for gathering information
- 3 Beldon’s Buffet to mingle and get info
- Staying at Yarith Bespin: Caltho the hutt, Pos Podura, Zekra Full, Vorace Tabarith
- Jewel of Yavin, a coruska gem, can be used for a lightsaber. Very high quality.

- Silent Auction: We need to motivate the bidders to raise their bids

Caltho the hutt: Powerful crime family. Geija’s cousin. Caltho is very skinny underneath his robes.
- Karek: Caltho the Hutt’s body guard (Karek) goes to the 4 1/2 Bar and gets drunk (responsibly). He is disgruntled and not getting paid enough.
- Bos Nos’da: Private cook in the kitchen. Feels confident in his position with the Hutt. Bos doesn’t know why Caltho is skinny. Strictly economic – he only wants is to be able to sell it. When there was a legitimate market, the average price was 1 million credits. That is no longer possible. He would spend ~333k. Bos doesn’t know anything about any of the other bidders.

Shreya Ordasa: Togruta. Professor, University of Sanbra. Wants gem for University. Has a pompous assistant droid. Romantic relationship with Achso Otraat (Shagrian). There is no information for how she left Shili. She does not talk about it. She joined the university at the age to learn at a university. She is teaching where she went to school. She met Achso while teaching there (a few years ago). A secret romance budded between them. Achso tried to convince her to drop her entire life and when she refused, things went sour. They are all but at one another’s throats and knowledge that the other is present will drive them to prevent them from obtaining the gem.

Achso Otraat: Shagrian. Former imperial senate aid. Former romantic interest of Raakla. A few of Porttowns portayers of vice recall him having some run in with Vorce Tabarith (crime lord). He frequently visits Figg Hall to have an audience with the Baron administerator Cal Rissian (Lando) to expand his business interests in the outer rim. No idea what his current business is.

Pos Podura: Twi’lek. Male. Mid-level executive at Thoratech (rapidly growing). Regularly visits seedy cantinas in Porttown. He is not actually an executive, but is one of their IT guys. He hacked his credentials to make himself able to bid. He wants to win the gem for Shreya Ordasa. He was one of her students and fell in love with her. He hasn’t spoken to her since he graduated. He goes to The 4 1/2 Bar and gets completely wasted. We found out information through Kain’s force powers.

Zekra Full: Human. Lady. Brunette. Brown eyes. She has a public profile on the infonet. She is a human representative for the outer rim exploratory mining corps. The OREMC is a recent venture backed by patrons by the Core Worlds to seek mineral wealth in the outer rim. A small office of OREMC is located in one of the better districts of Cloud City. Zekra Full wants it for the center piece for the company to show off their accomplishments. Eijax thinks she’s an accomplished liar and her cover story is bullshit. He also thinks that she caught onto him lying.
- Eijax probably shouldn’t speak with Zekra any longer

Elaisa ????: Human. Older lady. Rumors swirl about the origins of her wealth. “Batty old human woman with too much to spend.” Elaisa has developed a degree of notoriety for her mysterious riches. Tracking her comings and goings is not difficult if someone asks around. Caltho the Hutt has taken an interest in her. He has been asking around about her past/wealth. He thinks she came from Nar Shada. Elaisa has ocassionally let slip an odd familiarity with the Jewel of Yavin. She may have owned it in her youth.
- Kain found her eating at a hole in the wall restaurant. Kain could not get any sort of reading on her with his force abilities. Kain shouldn’t try and get further information out of her.

Vorce Tabarith: Burly human. Runs ones of Cloud City’s strongest criminal syndicates. Vorce is frequently drunk these days. His men grow disloyal as he appears to be growing soft. Some bolder men are willing to turn on him for credits. They can be found at Landing Bay 124 A.
- Relationship? Vorce doesn’t want the gem. He is doing it to placate Aeris. Get the impression that Aeris does not like her husband.


Aeris Shen: Pantoran. Wife of Vorce Tabarith. Our contact and coordinating the entire heist.

Marice Grayson: He ruined Aerin Shen’s life. He bankrupted him and put his wife into prison.

Gantel Dro: Defel, Male. He is the security chief for the night crew at the Museum. He goes to The 4 1/2 Bar and gets drunk. Living shadow. He tried to pull a gem heist himself, but got caught. Doesn’t care about money and wants to disgrace Grayson. Not a lot of cooperation between Grayson and the Wing Guard. They don’t want to help him do anything. The garbage disposal/chute is a weak point. Gantel has been asking for security there and it has not been granted. Museum security cameras don’t cover all points of the building. The areas the camera cannot see: storeroom, cleaner’s room, cafe kitchen. He has no intention of skirting his duties. He’ll kill people who break in.

Aerin Shen: Father of Aeris Shen.


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