Qiilura was a temperate planet in the Mid Rim, 40 light years away from Ord Mantell. It was the home world of the Gurlanins—a race of shapeshifting intelligent predators, but by the time of the Clone Wars, Human colonization had been well established, with a population of two hundred thousand farmers. The economy of the planet mostly revolved around agriculture, specifically the production of barq, kushayan, and other luxury foodstuffs, merlie meat was a known export and source of income & food for the farmers of this planet. Qiilura produced a large proportion of the luxury foodstuffs and beverages in the galaxy.

The Group’s Dealings on Qiilura

The Buzzard’s crew visited Qiilura to secure a hold’s worth of barq on Borda’s behalf. Tariffed as it was, Imperial customs agents found them at the farm they were picking the load up from. One was grievously wounded in the skirmish, the other was disarmed and chased off.

This led to a brief fight in orbit with the Carrack-class cruiser Cirrus, resulting in the destruction of three of its TIE complement before the Buzzard leapt into hyperspace.

Qiiluran customs officials are currently seeking the ship in connection with allegations of smuggling, destruction of Imperial property, murder, and robbery.


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