Taanab was a planet of green meadows in the Taanab system. It was primarily used for agriculture and farming. Its populace was known for always maintaining an air of formality. Taanab had problems with seasonal pirate raids from bandits striking from the planet Norulac for millennia.

On the Inner Rim, Taanab was a world with abundant sunlight, mild climate, almost no tectonic activity with grassy landmasses, always close to meandering strips of water. The planet was overgrown with green jungles, but no animal life at the time of its colonization. Near the equator, the fields and factory farms were formed into a hexagonal tessellation. Much of its climate was optimized for bumper yields by weather-controlling satellites and orbital mirrors.

The fauna was imported, with some becoming feral. The untamed former herd members had their numbers were checked by by droid sharpshooters. The administrative capital was Pandath. Tanaab was sponsored by agricultural conglomerates like Arcon Multinode, Tagge Restaurant Association and Core Foodstuffs. The Banthal Company transported cargo to poorer worlds.

The Group’s Dealings on Taanab

The group delivered their illicit cargo of bacta here, selling it to the local medical clinics at just above cost. This netted them enough to purchase a few needed parts to upgrade their ship’s engine.


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