The Lonely Buzzard

Yu 410

Base Model: CEC YU-410 Freighter

The YU-410 light freighter was a light freighter produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation.

At 44 meters long, the YU-410 was relatively large for a light freighter, and could carry a fairly impressive 250 metric tons of cargo.
It was also well armed, with four double laser cannon turrets, mounted on the upper and lower hull and at the front corners of its two cargo bays. However, these advantages came at a price, as the YU-410 was relatively slow and had very poor maneuverability. As part of cost-cutting, it was equipped with smaller than normal engines that led to a low maximum speed and reduced maneuverability. Like most CEC designs, it was easily repaired and modified.

Due to its large cargo capacity and low profile, it was a popular model with merchants and mercenaries. The large cargo space was often converted in opulent living quarters, making the YU-410 into a mobile base of operations. The large cargo bays also helped smugglers hide objects from customs inspectors.

Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product line
YU series

YU-410 light freighter


200,000 credits (new)
30,000 credits (used)

Technical specifications

44 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
800 km/h

Hyperdrive rating
Class 2.0
Backup: Class 12


Navigation system

Double laser cannons (4)

Gunners (4)


Cargo capacity
250 metric tons

2 months


The Lonely Buzzard

An old YU-410 painted green, the Buzzard has seen better days. According to Borda, the ship has been languishing in his ‘lot’ for seven years, but LE-0N was only missing weeks of his memory when he was found on the ship. Its history is still murky, but it is currently registered legally to Kain Ya’Qul.


  • Upgraded Central Ion Turbine (Speed +1)
  • Twin ion cannons mounted in Starboard quarter turret mount
  • Quad laser cannons mounted in Dorsal turret mount


  • 6 points hull damage (Currently at 20 Hull of 26)
  • Starboard quarter double laser turret inoperable (Requires replacement)
  • Far Port cabin missing all floor/wall panels and lights
  • Port cargo door is much slower to open than starboard, almost twice as slow.
  • Starboard cargo hull has 1-meter fracture (welded together and covered with scrap metal)

The Lonely Buzzard

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