The Buzzard's Flight

Episode 4: Prison Break!

Someone contacted Raakla on Lamaredd, after the debacle with Klassht, asking her to do a job. A Bothan and his Wookiee friend were captured on Ryloth by the Empire, arrested for rabble-rousing, and needed rescue. Information was sparse, but useful enough – the ship was a civilian transport, one that the Buzzard could potentially outrun in hyperspace. They would also be landing on Tatooine, just a few parsecs away. With the option of trying to sneak aboard or making a loud noise with a direct assault, discovering a cache of equipment set aside to aid a direct assault made the choice for the group. Taking a few hours to effect repairs and install the twin ion cannons in the Buzzard’s non-functional mount and get it working, the Buzzard took off for Tatooine.

They beat the transport there by approximately eighteen hours, giving the crew time to work out the plan. It wasn’t complex, but had a lot of moving parts, starting with Kain’s part.

When the ship, an Action VI transport, came out of hyperspace, Kain blasted forth from the void, their ship’s IFF not broadcasting. Swooping in, Raakla fired the ion turret, LE-0N fired the quad laser turret they’d stolen from Klassht’s ship. Recessed turbolasers on the transport fired back, grazing the ship, but the electrical damage the ion cannons caused, along with a good shot from LE-0N disabling the engines made it possible for the Buzzard to dock away from the turbolasers’ line of fire. Raakla and LE-0N went over on a magnetic grapple, opening the door and guiding the Buzzard in to seal with that airlock. The droid and Togruta ran in, finding a makeshift prison built into the cargo bay of the ship. LE-0N went for the console to open the cells while Raakla took out guards, and ran up to the cell that was drawing attention to itself – the one housing a Bothan flicking a blanket against the force field and a Wookiee. Using one of the fusion torches they had found, Raakla opened the cell just ahead of LE-0N’s slicing, and a guard attacked the would-be escaped prisoners. The Wookiee used a piece of her prison bed as a spear, throwing it into the chest of the guard and killing him. The Bothan ran for the door.

Chaos ensued as the prisoners were released and fell upon their Imperial-trained, civilian-dressed keepers. Most of the guards, spurred by the attack on the ship, had retrieved armor and rifles and ran into the bay to fight. Between Raakla’s acrobatic leap into their midst, the Wookiee landing nearby, and LE-0N behind them, they were surrounded and cut down between the smugglers and the prisoners. With the melee subsiding, the Bothan led them all to the airlock the Buzzard had sealed against and demanded everyone ditch their weapons before being allowed on the ship. In total, the Buzzard took off with 43 prisoners, including their original targets.

The Bothan introduced himself as Saa Dal, over tending to the wounded. He explained his reason for being there and thanked the group profusely for the assistance, offering up his services on the ship. The Wookiee, Mallaova, made a similar offer. Kain accepted gratefully, seeing the potential of the pair within his ‘organization’.

They made for the Wheel, an easy place for the former prisoners still in their hold to start over. Raakla split up some of her own credits and issued a few to each prisoner as they stepped off the ship, and Saa Dal offered to set about a dozen, those with trade skills, up with new identification papers, presuming a fee would be provided in return after employment. Sesta’atin was convinced, wherever he was, to work up those papers for the dozen.

Finally, a visit to Borda on the Wheel reminded Kain of something very important – he was under the thumb of a crime lord who wanted either his cooperation or his money, and preferably both. With no jobs to be sure of, he bartered with Borda to buy three weeks’ time to arrange some cash, and started looking for a job. Once again, Raakla had another job fall into her lap – smuggling blasters to a Rodian on Ylesia. With no other clear options in sight, Kain set course for Ylesia.


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